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Bandol must be crazy with Parisians and tourists in the summer, but in late October it's downright sleepy.  Hungry after a morning of wine tasting and hiking the hillside town of Le Castellet, we parked the car and found the row of outdoor cafes facing the yacht harbor.  We find half the fun of eating in France is perusing the menus before making one's selection.  

As you can see above, we didn't have to worry about not getting in to our first pick.

foo foo drinks first!

Doesn't the food look great against the orange tablecloths?!

The only requirement for my husband was that the restaurant served Moules.  He LOVES mussels.  You know how you have an item that you tend to order at every restaurant - sort of like your test of a restaurant, but also because you can't resist?  Well, that's his.  I helped him with the frites.

Before heading back to our ship we strolled the boardwalk and stopped to watch some locals playing bocce.

Our ship, Oceania's Insignia on the left in Toulon harbor


Enjoying your travelogue

Enjoying your travelogue through France with the last few posts; great photos!

If I didn't know better I

If I didn't know better I would have thought from that first photo that you were here on the gulf!! And yes, that pumpkin colored table cloth makes everything just pop. I'm loving those foo-foo drinks!! ; )

Gorgeous photos! It looks

Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had lovely weather. Love the food photos.

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