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My husband has always had a thing for blondes.  Since I highlight my hair any way to blend in the gray, I'm thinking of going blonde.   I think it makes me look younger.


Well, this definitely makes

Well, this definitely makes you look interesting! Would 1980's style be considered "younger"?Why does our hair have to go gray before the rest of us starts to look old! I hate dying my hair. Maybe a wig IS the way to go!

Lol~ Do you think that's what

Lol~ Do you think that's what your husband had in mind? It is quite the look! ;)

Hysterical Janet, but I think

Hysterical Janet, but I think really you should just go PINK! haha

I really think you should go

I really think you should go with it,I bet you will be the only blonde he sees from now on:)!

Definitely younger -- I've

Definitely younger -- I've seen middle school kids with other day-glo shades, lol! Didn't know clairol made that color, though!

LOL! Nancy -is this what we

LOL! Nancy -is this what we have to do at this age?! LOL! Tamdoll - I stopped dying my roots, because I hate the look of it when it needs a new dye job. I just get new patches done like highlights each time and it all seems to blend better. I think if I just let it go natural it would be grey only around my face - great, right? - and I'm not ready for that!Kim - I've got my next appt and I'm going to see about getting some cool periwinkle or lapis shade mixed in! I think I told you I did the blue before in about 5 patches when I first left my tech job, but then got tired of maintaining it. I think I'm ready to mix it up again!

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