Shop handcrafted Artisan Jewelry and Luxury Knits by Janet Bocciardi - Free shipping within the U.S.!  Black Friday sale with no coupon required on through December 1!!


ArtFire recently opened up their application process for becoming a Certified Handmade Artisan.  To apply all of your items must be handmade by you.  You also have to send in a photo of your main studio space and a work in progress.  Within a week of my application I heard the wonderful news!  I'm proud to display this new Artifiact on my ArtFire shop.

ArtFire's description:Certified Handmade ArtisanNot all items (on ArtFire) are made directly by Artisan hands. There are a thousand different definitions for creativity for an Artisan. There are many different types of creative artisans in our community and we welcome and celebrate them all. Yet, there is something very special about a handmade item. If you see this artifact (symbol above) you know that the artisan has been through a juried review process and 100% of the items listed in their shop are made by hand by the Artisan. This artifact is the symbol of total commitment to making each and every item with your own two hands. That commitment is very special, and it deserves recognition.

Update 2/12/2015 - My ArtFire shop is closed.


Congratulations! Lovely

Congratulations! Lovely Artfire shop - I've added it to My Market. :D

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