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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun."  ~Pablo Picasso


studio waterstone


Just beautiful! This summer

Just beautiful! This summer was so hot that our Ginko passed the lovely yellow and went straight to brown....:(

I love ginko trees, once we

I love ginko trees, once we brought one from my grandparents house in Indianapolis to Chicago...wonder how that tree is doing now? Next time I go back home, I need to drive by the old place and check!!

beautiful shot, lovely

beautiful shot, lovely colour....

Those are really neat! Great

Those are really neat! Great shot!

Interesting shot from below

Interesting shot from below with light streaming through. Love the frilly leaves with just a touch of lime green at the stems and the layers and layers of yellow up to the sky! Really nice photo!

Beautiful photo and great

Beautiful photo and great quote for it!

what an absolutely beautiful

what an absolutely beautiful image; love ginko leaves - but, this color is astonishing. thank you so much for sharing. kareninkenai (i heart macro)

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