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Monarch in macro photography, California
studio waterstone


beautiful shot, we use to

beautiful shot, we use to have quite a few around here but not many any more it seems....they are beautifulhave a great week

gorgeous! Makes me long for

gorgeous! Makes me long for spring!

Lovely to see this picture as

Lovely to see this picture as I am feeling the winter chill. Thanks for sharing, Janet!

such a cheerful sight to

such a cheerful sight to behold on a cold sunless Winter day!

Beautiful photo!

Beautiful photo!



Truly Nature at her best.

Truly Nature at her best. lovely

Gorgeous shot!

Gorgeous shot!

the macro is wonderful,

the macro is wonderful, especially for nature! {:-D

Aren't butterflies amazing?

Aren't butterflies amazing? Beautiful photo!

Janet, what a great

Janet, what a great photo!ErikaIt’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

Stunning capture! The monarch

Stunning capture! The monarch butterfly is so amazing with its markings!

Beautiful flower,...and it

Beautiful flower,...and it looks like the butterfly sat very still for you while you photographed it! Ha! Great photography!

Janet- That is one

Janet- That is one wonderfully amazing shot. I can't imagine how you were able to get so close. You must have mighty long lens or something. I can't seem to ever get shots of the butterflies. They are just too fast and skittish for my photo skills. Anyway. . . .great job with this macro shot!

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