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Spider web with dew in grass - macro shot

Taking a page out of my friend Kim's play book, I got down on my hands and knees this week to get a closer look at what I could find in a small patch of grass.  To my surprise I found this precious spider web that still held water from the morning sprinklers!  

It's hard enough to stay on top of all the critical things happening on our planet that affect me, but to think there's an even smaller world living each day hoping my dogs or I don't step on them!  I think there's a lesson here, but it's going to take some meditating for me to fully get it.  

Meanwhile I'll pay more attention to where I am and how my presence affects others.  It couldn't hurt and who knows I might just see more of life's gifts.


studio waterstone


Great capture! I love the

Great capture! I love the vivid green and the water drops.

Great photo!

Great photo!

Excellent photo, I love

Excellent photo, I love spiderwebs!

Looks like the spider didnt

Looks like the spider didnt have to go without water and not leave it's web to do so..water cool..nice photo..

Amazing shot!

Amazing shot!

Love the reflections in the

Love the reflections in the water droplets and in your thoughts!

Wow, what a terrific shot.

Wow, what a terrific shot.

Beautiful! Some of my

Beautiful! Some of my favorite things here are the wildflowers - some only a half inch or less in diameter!

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