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Did you know the fruit, or more accurately the seed or nut of the gingko is edible?  

It's used in China for special events like New Year's and with its supposed aphrodisiac qualities for those kinds of special occasions, too.  I just love the pale orange color against the green leaves.  Our gingko hasn't turned yet to yellow, but it's been teasing for at least a week.  I hate to miss it, but it's easy to do since they often drop all their golden yellow leaves in just a day or so.  It seems to always coincide with a change in weather where we get high winds.  Our weather is supposed to get quite a bit cooler in a couple of days which will more than likely usher in our quick Fall colors and hopefully a wet winter.

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I didn't even know the gingko

I didn't even know the gingko tree bore fruit. We've had ours for 16 years and I've never seen any fruit. We had a very cold spell in late September and the tree quickly dropped all her leaves. Yes, she is a she.

I am feeling all wistful

I am feeling all wistful about 'those' kinds of special occasions. Sigh.

Interesting, I've never seen

Interesting, I've never seen the fruits before.

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