i heart macro - The Flower and the Ant

February 11, 2013
New Zealand Tea Tree close up
New Zealand Tea Tree(Klassen's Peony texture)

Even though I love this photo it is an example of why I'm pining for a new camera.  I took it with my Canon pocket camera, but it could be a better macro.  You see the flowers on this New Zealand Tea Tree may look like an old-fashioned rose, but they're actually on a drought tolerant bush with very tiny flowers.  I love this plant as it is so hardy and has flowers year round.  I've got some white ones, too.  

If you look real close you'll see an ant on the petal closest to the center of the flower in the SE quadrant.  The ant just about spans the entire petal.   A more sophisticated camera would allow me to get in even closer and show you the ant's itsy bitsy antennas!


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