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Fishermen are a superstitious bunch.  They always have favorite lures that when all else fails they pull out for a guaranteed hook-up.  On a recent fishing trip in British Columbia our guide had this marvelous old lure sitting atop the dash of his boat.  

There was barely any paint left on it and all the plastic fringe that normally would bloom out over the treble hook was gone except for the very top.  

Good guides would never use rusty hooks (and he is one of the best we've ever had,) but he insisted that he still caught fish on it when he had to go to it.  We didn't need to resort to it this trip, but maybe it brought us some good luck just being there.

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I just love old, rusty

I just love old, rusty fishing equipment. It must be because I mostly grew up around the water and live here now. Your pictures are great and it sounds like your trip was too!

Beautiful shots! That green

Beautiful shots! That green is amazing.

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