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Now I've got an ear worm of the Beatles song, but better that than It's a Small World.

Fog dripping from pipe.

While watching the weather news this morning, I was dismayed to hear that we will likely not get our Miracle March.  (Named for March of 1991 that saved California that year from drought, but surpassed by March 2011.)  Although hope is still there apparently the models are showing otherwise.

So we try to squeeze moisture out of the fog.

These drops remind me of the beads on lampwork glass.  The shapes and colors of the pipe and even inside each drop are inspiring.


Foggy California morning


Last year I didn't get many of my thoughts into blog posts.  This year I'm motivated and inspired to do better.

E L Doctorow quote about writing

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That center photo is so moody

That center photo is so moody and beautiful. I love the mystery of a thin fog. And the true for life!

Fog is cool

I also like it when it's real thick and you can't see beyond 12 feet. Hate to drive in it though!

beautiful photos

lovely post Janet, and I would take that moody fog any day over all this snow!

I bet!

I'd take some snow, but not what you all have been dealing with!

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