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Farmer's Daughter barbed leather necklace

Farmer's Daughter (lampwork:  Canyon Echoes)


Last weekend's show was a good one for me.  Besides some fun earrings I sold two of my one of a kind artisan necklaces.  Farmer's Daughter went to a good friend of my sister-in-law's whose husband was unable to shop for her birthday and told her to go buy her own birthday gift!

Bee is for Bicycle was purchased by a beautiful local woman who was there with her friend.  The two of them spent a lot of time at my booth and were both very in to jewelry that was different and told a story.  I was so pleased she found something that spoke to her.

Bicycle and Bee inspired artisan necklace

Bee is for Bicycle (bee lampwork: Kerri Fuhr; discs: Radiant Mind)


I don't know if other artists feel this way, but they must at times.  When I do a show and pull out my jewelry for display there are pieces that I have twinges of "do I really want to sell this?"  Most of my jewelry is one of a kind so usually it's not like I could make another one to keep.  Knowing I can't keep everything and that I really want them to go out into the world with new owners, I display them with care.

Beachcomber's Talisman - ocean inspired brooch

Beachcomber's Talisman


However, about three-quarters of the way through the last show I pulled a brooch/necklace that I had a couple people tell me they couldn't believe I was selling for the price I had it listed.  It reminded me of the hours I put in to making it and that it really was special.  Every show I've done with it someone has commented on its incredibleness (their words, but I agree!) and yet it didn't sell.  I was discussing it with another jewelry artist who said you know if someone really wanted to buy it they could buy it off you when you're wearing it.  I decided the universe has been telling me to not let it go!  That I'd regret it if I did.

So... Beachcomber's Talisman is now really mine.  A little black dress?  Blue jeans and a plain white tee?

Beachcomber's Talisman - brooch and necklace

What have you made for sale and then changed your mind during a show?


Hey, awesome work! It must

Hey, awesome work! It must take considerable patience and insight to come up with these crafts of beauty.Me? Ha! My jewelry typically consists of a worn, brown string with a brass key around my neck. Ironically, no one has asked to buy it either.Keep up the incredible work. Oh, and blue jeans and a T work with that.

Congrats on a great show! The

Congrats on a great show! The owners of your OOAK pieces must be very happy :)And I'm glad you decided to keep your Beachcomber is so stunning and a great "marketing" piece to wear out and about :)

I'm glad that your show went

I'm glad that your show went well!I have a policy to not wear pieces that I sell and only wear pieces from my personal collection. However, this one keeps calling me, especially during shows when I want something fun to wear that really shows off my work.

Oh I like that Rose! It

Oh I like that Rose! It reminds me of seaglass and I like the width.I too never display and sell jewelry I've worn (except maybe around the house to make sure pendant hangs true or to make sure it's comfortable), but if I'm wearing something I've made that someone wants to buy off of me I might be okay with it, unless I'm too attached.

First of all, glad you had a

First of all, glad you had a successful show! I usually think the same thoughts after most pieces I make. We can't keep everything, but how do we choose? It's nice that you got a clear message and were able to listen!

Congrats on the show. I have

Congrats on the show. I have a few pieces that I hoped wouldn't sell, and now that I'm not selling jewelry anymore, they are mine! All Mine!I think your jewelry is so beautiful and I love the thoughtfulness you put into each piece. I spotlighted you this Sunday over on my blog! {:-D

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