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Hawk's Eye Tree Brooch by Honey from the Bee

Forest Walk brooch (SOLD)


I am so happy to announce that I was able to raise $142.40 for ACF International in my annual month of giving back during the holidays! 

ACF International is a secular humanitarian organization dedicated to ending  world hunger by not only getting food to the hungry, but also researching and providing long term solutions to hunger throughout the world.  They have a 4 star rating by Charity Navigator for both transparency and financials.  This is the highest rating given by the Charity Navigator organization.From the bottom of my heart I thank those who supported this effort through my shop.  These are some of the goodies that were a gift within a gift.

Amethyst, Drusy and Ammonite Statement Necklace

Candlelight (SOLD)

Fine Silver Gingko Leaf pendant

Remember This (SOLD)

"For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude."


That's so wonderful that you

That's so wonderful that you have given back! The pieces that you have shown are lovely -- I especially like the one called "Remember This."

That is wonderful, Janet!

That is wonderful, Janet!

Congrats on the sales and

Congrats on the sales and congrats on raising so much to donate to a wonderful organization!

Beautiful creations! Congrats

Beautiful creations! Congrats on your sales - and your gift.

such a great cause. What a

such a great cause. What a wonderful thing for you to do. Congrats. on the money raised. {:-D

What beautiful pieces of

What beautiful pieces of jewelry...that led to a beautiful act of generosity! I'm glad you did so well.

How wonderful, I bet you felt

How wonderful, I bet you felt great about your contributions! Sounds like an amazing organization, one truly dedicated to making a difference, not just hollow words and promises. And your creations are just gorgeous, but no surprise there. :)

You've got a brilliant blog!

You've got a brilliant blog! Fantastic photos!!! Looking forward to your posts in 2012. Happy New year (albeit a few days

That's really great Janet,

That's really great Janet, and I love that last one! Ahhhh

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