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This is the story of a fine lady named Christine of One Kiss Creations.  She shares my love of chocolate and beads and is also a generous sweet human being.  We have followed each other's blogs for awhile now and I think it's interesting that we both find ourselves so busy in the summer with fishing, friends and family that our blog posts get less frequent than either of us or our followers would like.  Even so from time to time we think of each other and I know I wish she was a bit closer than 3000 miles away.

Recently I happened to mention missing Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars and she responded shortly thereafter that I should be watching my mail.  My mouth started salivating in anticipation and hope.  (You see she sent me chocolate once before of her local favorites that were amazing.  Is there such a thing as one's own chocolate angel?!)

I stood there with wet eyes when I opened the package, because she didn't send one... she sent THREE!  Quickly I hid them in my chocolate drawer, but of course after breaking off a row.  And... there was a long plain brown paper jewelry box that held treasures from her stash!  Agates!!  

Bead gift

We met through blogging, connect now through Facebook, and I hope with all my heart that we meet in person some day.  If we do I'm sure it will be over beads and lots of chocolate.  Check out this new bracelet of hers!  I think it looks like the gold wrapper on a chocolate bar.  Her ice cream inspiration sounds divine, doesn't it?

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Bracelet by One Kiss Creations

As Christine wrote me:  "In Beads and Chocolate we unite..."  Sweeter words I have not heard...


You are the greatest, Janet ~

You are the greatest, Janet ~ this was such a sweet surprise to wake up to! When I first started blogging, it seemed too big to navigate. But we do find who we never knew we were looking for. And it brings me so much joy to share fishing and chocolate and beads and photos with you. Thanks so much for all your kind words and for your friendship.

awesome, Janet! your very

awesome, Janet! your very own chocolate angel! and a bead angel as well!Christine's bracelet is beautiful (and has such an alluring name)!

Awww, that is so sweet, pun

Awww, that is so sweet, pun intended! I can think of only one thing that would complete the trio, a salted caramel mocha from starbucks!! Have a great day!

Beautiful & lovely words

Beautiful & lovely words about a blog friend that is dear to me, also. So sweet of you to share this!

What a cute story! I need a

What a cute story! I need a chocolate angel in my life!

Chocolate and beads - the

Chocolate and beads - the perfect combination! That was a wonderful story and her bracelet is gorgeous!

What a sweet story :) You've

What a sweet story :) You've got a great friend there that sends you chocolates (and agates too)!

How awesome to have such a

How awesome to have such a great blogging friend! The beads and chocolate both look amazing.

What a great post! I love

What a great post! I love this story!

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