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Not taking my life's blessings for granted has always been important to me. It has been a way to counter a negative act or feeling with something positive, which often would erase or at least put things in perspective for me.  Remembering even the little sweet things that happen puts me in a peaceful loved and loving frame of mind.

Rather than make this a task that must repeat each week or I'll feel guilty, not the way to go obviously!, you may find a post from time-to-time titled Honey in the Hive.  Those, like this one, will be my gratitude posts.

This week I am grateful for:

  • a sister-in-law who is willing to take a puddle jumper over the Olympics in possibly cloudy windy weather to visit her brother and me for his birthday
  • a great haircut and highlight by my stylist in Poulsbo
  • a dear friend's continued recovery from a life-threatening infection
  • a mother-in-law that is grateful I'm in her life
  • a promised warm sunny weekend to enjoy a local arts festival
  • good dogs that wait outside the door for their dinner


I love all of those things

I love all of those things ... and I hear you on the haircut and highlighting. I haven't had a good haircut since 1974!

Family, even 4-legged members

Family, even 4-legged members are so important. Thanks for sharing.

I'm diggin the post & photo!

I'm diggin the post & photo!

I love gratitude posts, they

I love gratitude posts, they emit such high, positive energy! Whenever one of my girls (or even myself) is feeling low, we play the Gratitude Game. We just allow our gaze and our mind to wander and settle on all of the little things that bring us great joy. It's amazing how quickly it can turn your mood around! :) What a wonderful picture!!!

This is beautiful. A

This is beautiful. A lifetime of little things is weightier than that one big thing that might have made a difference. Like the theme title, too.

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