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Field of Light at Sensario by Bruce Munro


Although I think about this nearly every day, it's been awhile since I've done a post.  Hope you all have lots to be grateful for in 2020!

Here's today's list:

  1. Shoes with zippers.  
  2. Dogs that love to snuggle.
  3. Friends reconnecting, because they've been thinking about you and want to get together.  I heard from someone this week that I met years ago at a rug hooking camp and we clicked like summer camp kids.  We saw each other a couple years in a row at this camp and then I think one other time, but because we don't live close to each other we just didn't keep it going.  I think we both feel we have a friendship that could really blossom and need to make the effort.
  4. Husband that surprises me with how well he listens to me.
  5. Listening to the new Patty Griffin song River.
  6. A sister-in-law that enables my love for new tools.
  7. Hope.
  8. You!  Without your support I would still create, but without the full joy I get knowing someone else gets me.


"Gratitude makes sense of our past,

brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow."  Melody Beattie


Happy New Year!

What a beautiful photo - would love to see that one! So many things to be thankful for, and a few I see on your list ;) Dogs and husbands top my list as well .... I miss my Cleo who was a very, very good snuggler

Happy New Year to you too!

Cynthia - Snugglers are the best for warmth and comfort aren't they? :-) I'm sorry to hear about Cleo. Yes, if you come out this way you'll have to check out this light exhibit. I heard he's putting one up in Redding, too. They're magical. Although I don't think it's possible, a wedding would be fabulous held at one.


Beautiful sentiments and photo. And thank you for turning me on to the new Patty Griffin song! She is a treasure of a songwriter.

You're welcome!

Patty is definitely one of my favorites. I could listen to her for hours. If you ever get the opportunity to see her live, go! She's got a great sense of humor and puts on a fabulous show.

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