July 30, 2009

When I'm not in my studio with my head down enveloped in the story of the moment, I'm usually playing with my dogs, Moose & Daisy. They can make my husband and I laugh in an instant.

So.. meet my sweet dogs!

My Springer Spaniel sleeping in the sun room.

My Springer Spaniel posing


I've been crazy about color since as long as I can remember. In kindergarten I used to draw these big circles, disect them into pies, and then draw squiggly lines throughout. Then the fun began: I'd then take my 64 color box of crayons and color in the amoeba shapes. I have often wished at least one of them had been saved, as I'd love to post one in my studio to see how I was when I was completely without self-criticism. I know my Mom and Grandmom loved them and one was up on the cabin wall in NY for many years.

Once real work began, my desire to create was met in spare time with yarn and thread for many, many years. While in the rainy NW in the late 1990's I took up beads and that became my free time thing. After a move back to California and life changes for both my husband and I, we're back up on the Olympic Peninsula doing what makes us each the happiest and most fulfilled.

Through the generosity of many teachers I continue to learn, but I am now to a point that I'm not afraid to try anything. Well, maybe a little shy about sharing some of those practice pieces, but at least I try! It's a great place to be, as now I'm mostly limited by my imagination... Of course practice hones those new skills. I design and create from a large dream studio space where I can now focus solely on telling the stories I want to tell in jewelry form. I think jewelry is a special artform as it can be easily shared, bringing beauty and meaning to anyone.


I hope you'll enjoy my work. I find that pieces that are from my hands find the right people to continue their journey. So many times I've had someone say - "you made this for me!" Or "I get it and see why every part is there." Sometimes it may just be your favorite colors, or the perfect complement to an outfit, or the perfect gift, but sometimes I think you'll find it's more.