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Do girls still chant the mantra "He loves me, he loves me not..." while plucking the petals from a daisy?  The chance that it might give me some insight into a boy's mind was all it took as a young girl to grab a daisy and start letting the petals fly until I got the answer I desired. Fields of wild daisies have been blooming for the past month in our area and it inspired me to think about this piece and how I would design it.  I love the daisy's simplicity of shape.

I designed my latest necklace, He Loves Me, around a ceramic cabachon I purchased from Lisa Peters Art some time ago.  Because of the childhood memory of that silly chant I knew I wanted the white petals to appear to be almost gone, some even still falling.

An antique button with steel-cuts and a daisy motif was the perfect clasp along with a hammered steel hook.

Pops of yellow gold throughout...


“The daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air.”   ~ Robert Burns


How clever Janet, love how

How clever Janet, love how you left a few of the petals!! Great piece!

I completely agree! So cute

I completely agree! So cute how they fall from the flowers center. Lots of

I love those yellow beads,

I love those yellow beads, they add the perfect amount of color! And yes, I think the chant is still working its magic today, sometimes I even find myself whispering it... ;)

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