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I've gotten a little creepy lately.  I think I've mentioned before that I'm attracted to things that go bump in the night.


On a Raven's Wing (SOLD) 

I miss watching scary movies.  My husband will NOT watch them with me, and although I love them, both Halloween screamers and psychological thrillers, I can't watch them alone.  I do have a girlfriend who will go with me when our schedules match up so I think I'll have to make a date to catch Dream House or better yet Tucker and Dave vs. Evil.Have you seen either of them?  What did you think?

Until then I'll have to keep searching my pretty baubles for some interesting creepiness

Spider Agate and Pearl earrings by Honey from the Bee

Spider Elegance (SOLD)

The Worms Crawl In

Do you know that nursery rhyme?  There are quite a few versions and you can read about them here.


And for your listening pleasure... a nursery rhyme for generations...


Love the earrings. You picked

Love the earrings. You picked a great name for the last pair to add to the creep-factor!!

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