Gulf Oil Spill Inspires Artisan Necklaces

June 03, 2010
Evil Eye Artisan Necklace

Like hundreds of thousands of folks throughout the U.S. I have been crushed and horrified by the damage caused by man's greed and our dependence on a fuel source that quite literally is destroying lives.  The worst of man's nature and the best continues to play out in the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm afraid and so sorry that it will play out well into our children's children's lifetimes and perhaps beyond.  We need clean renewable energy now!  Are you listening lawmakers?!

Since creating jewelry takes me to my happy place, I've been busy in my studio.  It may seem strange to create something to be worn as adornment that speaks of this horrible disaster, but bear with me.  If you still think me strange, I'm okay with that!

The first piece I designed is Breach of Trust and is photographed above.  It represents the eyes of our nation and other concerned individuals, including wildlife, and our desire to know the truth of what is happening, that those responsible pay, that this never can happen again, and that we will not stop watching until all the oil is removed from the Gulf waters and shoreline.  I'm still working out some mechanical issues before offering up for sale, but this is close to its final form.The eye is actually an acrylic bird's eye.  I imagine a pelican down in a submarine checking out what is really happening underneath the surface.  The sort of bloodshot look says it all.  In many cultures, especially Turkey, Greece and the MiddleEast, eye jewelry is worn for good luck or as an amulet that wards off evil spirits.  We need a lot of luck right now.I also designed a couple of talisman type necklaces using beads and charms with symbolic meaning.


The first talisman pendant is Protection.  The fabulously detailed center pewter bead is from Green Girl Studios.  It depicts a mermaid and to me she's gathered all her family, sea creatures, into her arms to try to protect them from harm.  I've placed two turquoise beads on either side of her for further protection and strength.  The lampworked bead above her I purchased from Canyon Echoes, an artist who creates earthy beads with glass rods and a flame.  I thought they perfectly depicted the oil spreading out under the surface.  I hope the lampwork artist isn't offended, but sees the positive energy her bead provides.  Will the mermaid be successful?  I hope she is getting the best we humans have to give.

The second talisman necklace is Yin Yang (SOLD).  The hand of man is capable of great harm, but as the lifesaver carved jade piece represents also of wonderful unselfish deeds.  We are seeing many compassionate individuals volunteering to help the Gulf in any way they can.  The vintage piece of amber shimmers like liquid gold threatening the defenseless sea turtle.  How many can we save?  Will it be enough?

Hope, love and positive action are trying to balance anger, sadness, frustration and disappointment.  Finding up-to-date information that I can trust and is not just inflammatory or sensational has been challenging and I'm sure others have felt the same way.  The truth is way bad enough. 

The Nature Conservancy has not only been doing an amazing job in the Gulf, they keep a blog of their efforts.  They don't alienate others and understand the necessity in all parties working together now and in the future.  If you want to know what you can do to help efforts in this violated region, there's a link on their site.  Our focus on alternative energy sources must be paramount, as should all of our efforts in conserving usage of oil products.  Volunteers are in danger themselves with the chemicals and oil they are in contact with.  A big debt of gratitude to the companies that are donating hazmat suits and materials. 

The Deepwater Horizon Response blog I do check*, but I am skeptical about some of the information they release and certainly its timeliness.  My understanding is that much of the information is being provided by BP and our EPA.. and I feel our government still needs to gain my trust.  Turning away reporters and photographers is not free press nor does it give us full disclosure and information we need to act now and in the future.  BP has no credibility in my book, as they purposely skipped steps and safeguards to prevent something like this for the sake of profits.  Why would we even imagine that their clean-up efforts would be anything but as little as possible and quick and dirty?! 

Lawyers for BP and our government are surely reviewing anything posted on this site, not this site - the DHR site. I do appreciate very much the attempt at a one-stop information post and center for claims and incident reporting.  The speed they got this site up is perhaps a testament to our government's attempt at transparency and certainly shows fast reaction.  Another example of our heroic and prepared military was the Coast Guard's quick response and the calling in of experts at salvaging and putting out fires on ships as portrayed in a recent documentary on National Geographic.  Ultimately they were not successful in rescuing all the platform workers (11 died) or stopping the fire since the fire was fueled by an oil well gushing out of control.  However, their response is something we can be proud of.  NOAA is providing their scientific expertise in weather and the extensive knowledge they have of our oceans.  If you want more details from a scientific perspective, check their site out.

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Update 6/2/2014 - The Deepwater Horizon Response blog is no longer working.  For updated information on the spill - go to NOAA's gulf restoration site