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Glass Cabochon and Black Druzy Necklace

She's Coming Undone

Glass cabochon by Mikelene Reuss

Druzy; Sterling Silver


One of my latest one-of-a-kind necklaces was inspired by Mikelene's unique cabochon and conceived earlier this year.  

Glass Cabochon and Druzy necklace sketch by Honey from the Bee


It was serendipitous that the outside of the druzy had the same colorings as the cabochon.  They belonged together!  You can see that originally I was going to use Sari ribbon as the hinge connector.  I changed my mind, as I ended up using a knotted looking chainmaille, but I do think it would've been interesting, too.  Maybe I'll do that in a future project!


Black Druzy and Lampwork Cabochon necklace

Sterling Silver chainmaille with black onyx beads.

Lampwork flower by Blue Seraphim


Where did this idea of She's Coming Undone come from?

The whimsical name was inspired by one of my favorite books, She's Come Undone, by one of my favorite authors, Wally Lamb.  The Guess Who had a popular song titled "Undun" that might've inspired Wally's book title.

As part of my personal growth I am trying to live more and more authentically.  I never thought that I was someone that didn't, but it's not as shallow as it might sound.  We've all got baggage and I've carried my fair share over the years.  I checked it at times, but the claim ticket was always with me and weighed on my soul.

That is part of it.  Today, I saw a post on Facebook that spoke to me about getting to my authentic self.  A quote like this is called a "truth bomb" in today's hashtag world, but for me it's something that gives me chills, because it hit a chord.  It's something to listen to and pay attention to.

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"  ~Danielle La Porte

It's a longer journey back for me than some, when I didn't have someone else controlling who I was supposed to be.  But I think it's worth the trip.

So, that is what this necklace is all about:  uncovering the beautiful unique person in each one of us.



LOVE this one

what a beauty you've created, and I do love that the stones match, but are not the same. I've been doing a series like that and it is so fun to play with the possibilities. this one you've created is just gorgeous. I love that pop of red in the cab and the chainmaille is so unique.

lucky me

to have these two beauties in my stash for sure! Thanks Cynthia. I've been enjoying your series, too. I do love cabochons. I've got a couple more in metal this week... maybe a beaded one not too far in the future.


Such a beautiful piece! I love when we get to see a piece from sketch to finish and see the changes made along the way. I like the chainmaille piece connecting the two stones.

Thank you Edi!

It's fun for me too to see how a piece progresses. In the beginning I'm inclined to want to follow the plan, but during the process I get other ideas. ;-) I love the chainmaille with it, too - adds to the "story."

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