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Take me to the Fair collage of gift ideas

Fashion at the Fair?  Why of course.  You never know who you might see that might see you! 

If you're a regular you know I love the county fairs.  This year we get to go to a brand new one in Bonner County.  I know it's going to be small with a  strong 4-H presence... and that's the way it's supposed to be!

Gingham is a natural for walking through the exhibits and the midway.  This adorable halter top is from Dash Ambler in the UK.  Being that it's black and white you can add any color of accessory and it's going to stand out.

I thought my retro black and white earrings looked great with the gingham top.  They sport some wonderful lampwork beads and vintage drops.

The Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet is on Fair (!) Trade silk and reminded me of making bracelets from grasses or straw.  A perfect 4-H project, by the way.  Sharon Zimmerman is the designer and a fellow member of the SFEtsy team.

My husband's only reason for going to the fair is to get an elephant's ear. Seriously, that's the only reason.  This Funnel Cake pendant from Lori Storrs of Dirt Road South comes close and is easier on the tummy.

The Ferris Wheel has always freaked me out.  I love roller coasters and yes, the spinning things.. or at least I did.  Pretty Whimsical has pendants for just about any obsession, but this Ferris Wheel one is the one for the fair.

How about you?  Are you going to go to the fair?  We're going this afternoon for an elephant's ear for my husband, a corn dog for me, and piglet, art, crafts, dogs, kid and lamb hunting for me.


This post is my weekly Fashion Story link-up!  Bloggers that want to join in have a whole week to link up their fashion storyboards.  Hope you'll take the time to visit and comment on those that do.  You'll find the links at the end of this post.  Hope you Get it Together wherever you're going!

Honey from the Bee


Thanks for featuring my

Thanks for featuring my pendant! I love going to the fair. My favorite thing to buy growing up was cotton candy followed by a jug of A&W Rootbeer! Sugar rush!

What a cute theme this week!

What a cute theme this week! Funnel cake? Haven't had that in years!

Funnel cake!!!Great halter

Funnel cake!!!Great halter top--I like the lines.

The ferris wheel pendant

The ferris wheel pendant would add a fun pop of color to the pretty halter top :)

The halter top is so cute and

The halter top is so cute and unique! I love the Ferris wheel pendant, too. It's so whimsical.

Love it! Thanks so much for

Love it! Thanks so much for including my Funnel Cake necklace in your fun fair post!

You'll be a beauty at the

You'll be a beauty at the fair! Ours doesn't start until the beginning of October (at least it's not quite as hot then!)Love funnel cake, but what on earth is an elephant's ear?

For those that haven't had an

For those that haven't had an elephant's ear... Here's a delicious looking photo of one:

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