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ocean inspired fashion and jewelry

This fashion storyboard was inspired by a childhood memory.  

At the start of every summer as a child and teen my Mom, Grandmother and I would head out to find our new white sandals for the season.  It's how I learned to shop, as we would try on many pairs and check out many shops before making our decision.  Maybe that's just the way we women shop, but knowing this pair had to be THE one for the summer had us making sure we had found the perfect pair.  Even after my feet stopped growing we still did this.  I tried so hard to keep them clean and white, but by the end of the summer they'd be very worn from all the adventures.  It was a tradition that I really looked forward to each year and although I may not get white sandals any more, I do get a new pair of sandals each year and usually with my Mom.  In fact we just got matching pairs of Skechers Modiste and saved 50% on the 2nd pair!

The linen dress I selected from one of my favorite shops, Anthropologie.  It's called Sea Bands.  I like its simplicity and that it can be dressed up or down.  

The Romika sandals are called Fidschi 27 and look uber comfortable with their adjustable velcro straps.

I fell in love with Earthies last summer when I discovered they are so comfortable that I can wear heels again!  These are called Bellini.  This particular design is apparently only available at Nordstrom, but you'll find Earthies in many shops now.  They're made by the same company that made Earth shoes back in the day.

The earrings and necklaces are mine.  Here are the links:

Bubbly Sea

Aqua Splash

Gardens by the Sea

Just a Drop (SOLD)

Do you have a childhood memory related to fashion?


Love your fashion storyboard,

Love your fashion storyboard, so refreshing and your jewelry compliments it so those Earthies!! (I've never heard of them before, but then again I haven't been shopping in ages)

Beautiful! I'm so glad you

Beautiful! I'm so glad you did another one of these posts.

Cute sandals for this year!

Cute sandals for this year! Thanks for sharing your childhood tradition with us.

Love the storyboard the

Love the storyboard the memory is even more touching! How sweet that you and your mom still connect in this way :) xoxo Beth

Summer sandal shopping--now

Summer sandal shopping--now there's a wonderful tradition! How fun that you keep it up and with your mother, too!

What a fun memory! Beautiful

What a fun memory! Beautiful selections.

I love the beautiful colors

I love the beautiful colors of the ocean!My mom and I got matching sandals one year too :)

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