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Concert attire

I'm headed to an outdoor concert this evening so it got me to thinking about what to wear.  

Thoughts running through my head include:
I know my husband always reaches for a black tee so that must be the uniform.  There always seems to be a twirler or two at every concert we go to so I'm thinking why couldn't that be me?
I like dancing barefoot.
Having some food and drink for stamina would be welcome.
Although I've still got legs, I'll forgo the hot pants and go with some straight crops.  
However, this vintage 70's fringe tee from Vonlenska Vintage will take me back to my teen years when I wore Dittos.  Anyone remember those?  
My friend Audrey creates bold and unique jewelry and this I am Music Pendant would rock tonight!
My Filigree and Steel Victorian button bracelet definitely has some rock and roll flair, don't you think?
Leather and Flower has created these beautiful barefoot rose sandals in a number of colors, but again I'm going with black.
I love this pink and black insulated cooler from Fussy Cut Embroidery and she'll even embroider my name on it so everyone knows the stuff inside is mine!
I hope I won't look ridiculous, but who cares? - that's the freedom of music and a night time concert under the stars! ********************************************************************************
This post is my weekly Fashion Story link-up!  Bloggers that want to join in have a whole week to link up their fashion storyboards.  Hope you'll take the time to visit and comment on those that do.  You'll find the links at the end of this post.  Hope you Get it Together wherever you're going!
Honey from the Bee


Cute ideas! I love those

Cute ideas! I love those barefoot sandals:)

Have fun! Live music is so

Have fun! Live music is so wonderful!Love the pink and black cooler :)

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for featuring my pendant Janet!! I am in love with your bracelet and oh my those barefoot sandals!!!

Very cute selections! Love

Very cute selections! Love them all! I wish I was going;)

You are so great at creating

You are so great at creating these wonderful boards. Well done. Love your selection!Birgitte

Fun idea for a fashion

Fun idea for a fashion feature! I hope that you enjoyed the concert. That music necklace rocks my world.

Very fun fashion feature!

Very fun fashion feature! You are all set to go!

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