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Autumn fashion ideas

I think Autumn is my favorite shopping season.  There are just so many options for layering and the colors are warm and inviting.  I'm also ready to head indoors to avoid some rain and wind.  

What do you think about this outfit for hanging out with friends, hitting the Farmer's Market, seeing a movie, watching fireflies or kicking leaves on a hike through the woods? The vintage (yikes, 70's!) fisherman's cardigan looks so comfy and would go with just about any outfit.  It's from Atomic Passion of New York City.

These straight brown trousers look to have some very cute front pockets.  I wish the photo showed how they look at the bottom, but I guess they're just slim to the ankle.  Orli Golan is the designer and she has some really beautiful dresses in her shop, too.

Frye's Veronica Slouch boots are just my style!  I'm putting them on my wishlist since they're pricey and need some extra thought.  But aren't they scrumptious?

Top right are a pair of Agate earrings from Lune Designs, an increasingly popular designer who has a wicked sense of humor.  Check out her blog to see what I mean!

My newest necklace is called Autumn Wind and features one of my fine silver acorns and a gorgeous lampwork bead by Lisa Niven Kelly.  She no longer does lampwork - so it's extra special.

Lastly is this adorable Brown Sparrow Bag to drop in all your new goodies.  If this one isn't the one for you, Retrofied has a slew of fabric bags to entice you. **********************************************************************************

This post is my weekly Fashion Story link-up!  Bloggers that want to join in have a whole week to link up their fashion storyboards.  Hope you'll take the time to visit and comment on those that do.  You'll find the links at the end of this post.  Hope you Get it Together wherever you're going!

Honey from the Bee


I would wear that in a

I would wear that in a heartbeat!! Love every element of it. Thanks for including my earrings! (By the way, Dingo harness boots are a great, more affordable alternative to Frye--I have a pair from Zappos and they were under $100 and it's the same look and they're super comfortable, great quality.)

No time to make a fashion

No time to make a fashion storyboard today. However I like yours! I actually hope, that we will still have bits of summer, as it was a almost always rainy one, but this makes me feel fall is not too bad.

Love your picks! I actually

Love your picks! I actually have a sweater very similar to your 70s one, but it was bought a couple of years ago! Not quite so much in the cable department and lighter buttons, but similar! Your new necklace is lovely, and also the bag!

Cute! But...I wouldn't wear

Cute! But...I wouldn't wear it in the woods- too nice for that! I was just telling hubby the other day, "Don't you get the feeling of fall now?" He looked at me with a sweaty summer face like I was crazy. I said, "You feel it in your heart first, you know?" I guess I am. LOL.

It is hard to think about

It is hard to think about fall and that pretty cardigan when we are dealing with 100 degree temps. But I have always liked shopping for 'winter' clothes and pulling out the boots.

Great fall outfit! I'm loving

Great fall outfit! I'm loving those boots!

Great finds! Love the

Great finds! Love the sweater.

It is crazy to be thinking

It is crazy to be thinking about fall already, but it's almost here! Great picks all around. The sweater, pants, and boots would make a killer outfit.

I love that look! Autumn

I love that look! Autumn clothes are my favorite too :)

Wow! Not sure if I am ready

Wow! Not sure if I am ready for fall yet but I do love your selection ;)Awesome blog!

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