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Jewelry and Fashion inspired by African Safari

If it weren't for the long long flight I'd love to go on a photo safari to Africa.  Until I get up the courage I'll have to admire the animals' beauty of wildness and fabulous design from here.  From head to toe and even for your pup, there's handmade goodness inspired by the wild kingdom.

Crista is from Woodinville, Washington and painted this incredible giraffe painting that makes me smile and go awwwww.  Her name is Crista Forest and so is her shop... can't help but think she was meant to admire wildlife.

Carrie designed the animal print headband for babies and toddlers, but I wonder if she'd design one for a big girl, too.  : )

How about a fun pair of hoop earrings with giraffe patterned lampwork?! Yep, the Giraffe Joy earrings are from moi.

And they're my size!  Animal print shoes go with just about anything in your wardrobe.  This pair of flats is so cute!  Wonder why they were only worn once?  Trendee Treasures also has vintage clothing to check out.Now your little fuzzy friend may not roar like a leopard, but I bet there are times you've seen their wild ancestry!  

Show them some respect by taking off that collar with sequins and letting them show their wild side in this very cool pet collar.  My Moose sports a collar by Creative Collars so I can tell you the quality is great.

For fashion on the rest of your body:  Animal prints are great paired with black and natural linen.  


This post is my weekly Fashion Story link-up!  Bloggers that want to join in have a whole week to link up their fashion storyboards.  Hope you'll take the time to visit and comment on those that do.  You'll find the links at the end of this post.  Hope you Get it Together!Want some help on how to create a Storyboard?  Check out my recent post on how easy it is on PicMonkey.

Honey from the Bee


I've always loved the animal

I've always loved the animal prints. My sister and her family is in Africa right now, most likely on a safari. Their lodge (or whatever they call it there) is right on the edge of where the animals are--no fence or anything between them and the animals. They can't leave their room unless they call an armed gaurd who then escorts them to the dining hall or wherever they need to go. The guard has a tranquilizer just in case a wild animal is hungry.

A safari is on my bucket

A safari is on my bucket list...either Africa or Australia!Animal prints are so fun :)

Gorgeous! My bro's been to

Gorgeous! My bro's been to Africa twice, but never for a safari. I think it would be amazing!

I've always thought that an

I've always thought that an African safari would be awesome! A friend of mine went on one several years ago and his photos were amazing! Love the giraffe painting - so sweet with momma and baby!

Going on a safari would be so

Going on a safari would be so fun!a great inspirational post!

What fun! When DD was in

What fun! When DD was in high school she went with Tean Mania to the Zulu nation where she got to pet the lions in a zoo! Ummm... and they weren't babies either.

I love the shoes! A safari

I love the shoes! A safari would be an amazing experience.

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