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Fashion and Jewelry inspired by my dog

Clothing by Wrap, London Effie TopFrankie Crop Jeans

I love Wrap clothing.  It's always comfortable and well made.  It's my style.

Jewelry by me!  Dog Mourning necklace  - and a blog post about its creation

This fashion storyboard revolves around remembering my husband's and my first Springer, Sam.  Years ago we'd fallen in love with a Springer named Gus at my in-laws' home by a lake.  He was very handsome and friendly and totally focused on chasing sticks we'd throw in the lake for him to fetch.  When we were ready to have a puppy of our own we found an English Springer Spaniel breeder and brought Sam home.

We have so many funny and happy memories with him that it's hard to believe it's been over 3 years now since he has demanded ball time.

Jewelry has a special way of meaning something more than the metal and beads it's made with.  There are stories to be told or secretly held in a necklace.


Honey from the Bee


How sweet! I love the stores

How sweet! I love the stores that you share with your fashion picks.

Thanks Rose! This one is on

Thanks Rose! This one is on the expensive side, but I've bought several pieces at season sale end and the quality is worth every penny. I like that their pieces are timeless, too.

I love your storyboards.

I love your storyboards. That's something I haven't made before and are interested in trying! I believe necklaces tell a story too. That's why I used to write a haiku for all my necklaces and where my name, storybeader, came from. {:-D

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