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Boho inspired jewelry and fashion

I've been wanting to do a storyboard featuring my jewelry for awhile now and had some of the tools to do so from the class I'm taking with Kim Klassen, Beyond Layers, but just kept putting it off due to time being at such a premium these days.  It was this blog post by Lorelei and the realization that I could just use the shops I always am drawn to that gave me the kick in the pants to sit and Just Do It! 

I'll get better at the formatting with practice (like where did that black background go on the bottom right photo!), but I actually love this complete outfit!  I'm usually not designing with an outfit in mind.  However, I had a customer last summer ask me about a particular necklace of mine that she'd fallen in love with, but couldn't picture what she'd wear with it.  I grabbed some tops out of my closet and took photos of them with the necklace on my mannequin and that was that!

The adorable dress is from Anthropologie called the Strega mini dress, but for those of us of a certain age, a pair of leggings or even slim pants would look great with this, too.

Patterns on wedge sandals are very in this summer, but it's likely a fad since how many outfits could you wear a colorful floral print with and for how many summers?  However, this yellow polka dot pair from Seychelles  called How Do you Do? have a timeless retro appeal.   

and last but not least (!) is my Daisy Necklace called He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.  You can read more about the inspiration of this statement necklace in this blog post.

I had fun putting this together.  I think I'd like to be someone's personal shopper!


I love the idea of a story

I love the idea of a story board for inspiration, but I never remember to take advantage of it. Like you, I'm always up against the clock with any and all projects, and don't have the time to do anything other than slap a photo up there.I love the wedge sandals, but my old tired feet will not handle a heel of any height. Your necklace is just beautiful. I'm headed now to check out the story behind it.

That is so cute! I love the

That is so cute! I love the pieces you put together.

This is great Janet! I

This is great Janet! I haven't been able to participate in some of the beyond layers...I still need to finish my class...like you said - time, time time and not enough of it! Great job!!

This really showcases your

This really showcases your jewelry beautifully and you ought to do more! Now, I can see myself not only in a piece of beautiful jewelry but in what dress and shoes.

Love it! Pairing your

Love it! Pairing your jewelry with great outfits is a lovely way to make it stand out:)

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