Get it Together Thursday - Knitting Corner

September 20, 2012

Knitting Accessories Collage

Knitting Corner

As the days get shorter and the evenings cool I am wanting to create that cozy corner to sit and knit and stare at the leaves as they rustle and hang on to the last vestiges of their youth.
The loons have returned which I've heard is a sure sign that Fall has arrived.  This covered yarn bowl is awfully clever with its holes for one's needles and no way for a kitty's paws to get a hold of that ball of yarn.  It's the creation of Appleware Pottery, Wisconsin.
I snatched up some of Darshan Pottery's mugs with their vibrant blues, but these cappucino mugs are still available.  They're made in Vermont.
Having some bolster style pillows like these linen ones come in handy for a back that needs supporting or as arm rests.  Who knew there was a shop called The Bolster Queens based in North Carolina?  There's bound to be a set in fabric that you'll adore.
This vintage side table is perfect for storing needles and extra yarn!  The shop owner, Cottonwood Ranch of Texas, will even paint it for you to match your decor.
I'm eyeing these cozy slippers, but I can't decide what print!  aupleauple makes them in their Utah studio in over 50 prints!
Finally my dogs will be by my side and need a cozy nest themselves.  This cozy snuggle sack would please Daisy no end.  Moose is going to need something a little more manly.  Chilly Paws, of central Florida, creates lots of very snuggly beds and it's fun to browse her shop to see her little ones modeling their comfort.
Today's storyboard is a made in the USA feature!


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