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Welcome to my first linky party!  I'll be hosting a link-up most Thursdays featuring fashion stories bloggers have created for fun and to help our customers see how to wear solely handmade or a combination of handmade and mass produced.  Please read this post for requirements before linking up at the end of this post.


This week's fashion story is inspired by the East.  

The center right rectangle is my Whirling Dervish necklace that was inspired by our trip to Istanbul, Turkey.  This very ancient sect had advanced beliefs in tolerance and equal rights.  You can read more in this blog post of mine.

I next found the navy blue maxi-skirt from Delhi Daze, an Etsy shop in India, that complemented it perfectly. They've got several colors to choose from.  I like the yellow one a lot, too, even though I never wear yellow!

I thought a white wrap blouse would be just right for the skirt and be flattering on most figures.  The one above is from Banana Republic.  I've seen them in a lot of places though so if you don't like the cap sleeves you will find them sleeveless and long and everywhere in between.

One could wear my Rings of Fire earrings with the necklace or alone with this outfit and many others since they have an iridescent sheen that would look fabulous with blue jeans, too.

For the feet I went flat and high.  I could see myself walking around barefoot though in this outfit all summer around the house.  The flats are by Steven Aris.  The heels by Born.


Hope everyone has fun hopping through the posts that are linked-up and comment freely!

Honey from the Bee


Awesome picks! I like your

Awesome picks! I like your theme.

I love your fashion story

I love your fashion story boards Janet, and you would be a great personal shopper with your nack of finding and putting these fashions together!

great post! great theme and

great post! great theme and lovely items!

Oh, I get it. Neat! Love

Oh, I get it. Neat! Love that skirt that you picked. I would choose flats! {:-D

Beautiful! What a lovely

Beautiful! What a lovely combination =)

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