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Ocean inspired jewelry and fashion

Last week got away from me, but I'm back with another Fashion Storyboard!  

This week I was smitten with Concertino's linen jumper dress on Etsy.  Doesn't it look so comfortable and adorable?!  The details on the bodice as well as the casual hemline are really appealing.

Add my Nautilus necklace that features colors of the sea and a Bohemian flair of collected shells and charms.

I've been a fan of LM Creations purses for some time. This soft shoulder bag in Sea Foam green could hold my camera, cash, lipstick and leave room for purchases or found objects along the way.

I love these Ugg Tawnie sandals with their rope sole and soft suede upper.  They're the color of sand and would go with just about everything this summer, don't you think?************************************************************************************

This post is my weekly Fashion Story link-up!  Bloggers that want to join in have a whole week to link up their fashion storyboards.  Hope you'll take the time to visit and comment on those that do.  You'll find the links at the end of this post.  Hope you Get it Together!

Honey from the Bee


I like your bag pick. Off to

I like your bag pick. Off to check that out on Etsy.

Love that bag! And the colors

Love that bag! And the colors of your necklace are very beachy :)

Great finds! Love that sea

Great finds! Love that sea foam green bag!

Great finds! Love the

Great finds! Love the seafoam green bag!

Super like your gorgeous

Super like your gorgeous charms, I'm talking about the beautiful nautilus necklace. Very stylish and chic. :)-----------Silver and Diamonds Jewelry

I love the jumper too. Looks

I love the jumper too. Looks great. I like the purse and necklace you chose to go with it also.

Fabulous finds Janet! I

Fabulous finds Janet! I adore that dress too :DAudreyaka AudreyGardenLady

Fabulous finds Janet!!Love

Fabulous finds Janet!!Love your work and I love that dress too :DAudreyaka AudreyGardenLady

Great selections! Love all

Great selections! Love all your pics & I'm off to ck them out!

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