Genuine Positive Feedback Feeds One's Soul for a Long Time

August 30, 2009
Simple Pinecone pendants

My neighbor who commissioned the necklaces for his young female co-workers has given them their gifts and just prior asked me to make something for the few young men he works with. We decided to go with a keychain. I neglected to get a photo so I'll just describe that it had the pinecone charm as well as a hexagon shaped Australian Jade stone. One of the guys reported back that it was hanging from the mirror of his car. I bet that looks better than dice!

It was one of the best "feel good" experiences of my jewelry career. I've gotten feedback not only from my commissioning neighbor, but another neighbor who saw one of the young ladies wearing the necklace. She loved it and wanted to know where she got it. (I've been told it will likely get me an interview with their giftshop buyer this fall for next year's season!!)

I also happened to go up to Hurricane Ridge last weekend with my sister-in-law and my neighbor was working. He introduced me to one of the recipients who spoke how it was so perfect, down to the leather cord! I had to give her a hug.

If folks only knew how much genuine heartfelt feedback means to an artist... If I didn't need the money to buy more supplies, the positive vibe I am still feeling would be payment enough.