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Artisan Pendant back

Commissions are scary, because we assume the client has a preconceived notion of what they want.  It also is a lot of responsibility, because they asked you to create something for them rather than just select something out of your shop.  The latter gives you a happy feeling, because they connected with something you already made with no one else's involvement, but your own thoughts.

Worktable 2012

As it was on my Worktable Wednesday post

However a client that you know personally, love as a friend, and who has said take as much time as you need lowers the stress or at least spreads it out into daily increments you can handle!

We selected the turquoise cabochon together.  Both of us like turquoise with a lot of veining in it.  For the design, she'd given me a photo of a turquoise belt buckle that she owned so that's where I started.  It was traditional metal work with just a plain silver frame.  Of course I couldn't do that!Her love of gardening came to mind.  She's a calm giving person with a strong love of family.  It was a large cabochon and I didn't want to make it even larger.

Off I went and here's her finished pendant:

Turquoise and Silver pendant by Honey from the Bee

I looked at the cabochon a lot trying to see ifI saw anything in it.  I never did, but now I see a frog leaping!

Frogs are good in the garden!

Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers.   May Sarton


That is beautiful.

That is beautiful.

I love how you decorated the

I love how you decorated the back of the pendant...that heart is so cute :)

this piece is so beautiful

this piece is so beautiful and so personal. i love its seeming simplicity.

Gorgeous. I love the heart

Gorgeous. I love the heart cutout in the back.

What a unique piece!

What a unique piece!

What a beautiful pendant

What a beautiful pendant Janet, and yes, I see that leaping frog too!! Love the heart cut out in the back, nice touch!

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