Friend Challenges Me to Make New Beaded Creations

June 29, 2015

Stetson beaded with turquoise


Over the past few years I've been fortunate to have a friend of mine commission me to make jewelry for her from time to time.  Sometimes it's a piece of jewelry for her mom.  This past year she's challenged me to create new beaded work that is not my norm.

After starting to wear a medical bracelet on a daily basis she realized that she wanted to have style choices depending on what she was wearing.  Our wrists are really close to the same size so that's made it easier to try different beads and get sizing right.  So far I've created four for her, but I'm still excited to possibly make her more.

Beach inspired medical bracelet

Black flower medical bracelet

Coin pearl medical bracelet

Dotted Medical Bracelet


The latest challenge was her cowboy hat.. or is that cowgirl hat?!  She knew she wanted turquoise and we tossed a few ideas around.  I did have concern that I not do something that would harm her Stetson.  We finally settled on these pretty turquoise stones that sit nicely against the leather band.


Turquoise beaded Stetson cowboy hat

Tomorrow she'll be horseback riding in Glacier National Park with this on top of her beautiful head.  I think it's pretty cool and she loves it, which is best of all.

What interesting things have you beaded?  Do you have friends that challenge you?