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Foldformed copper samples by Honey from the Bee


At the beginning of June I attended two Masters Classes in Milwaukee at the Bead and Button show.  These are generally 3 day jewelry technique classes given by world-renown teachers.  A certain level of experience is usually required to attend them.  One of the ones I took was an introduction to foldforming by Charles Lewton Brain.

Foldformed copper samples


Charles actually invented the foldforming technique so this was quite an honor and a treat to have been a member of his class.  He crammed a lot of material into our three days together, but we managed to get some hands-on time as well.  We were all star struck and yet Charles was as humble and approachable as one could be.  I am so grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge.

All these photos of heat flamed copper are samples I created when we were set loose.  The simplest of folds, the line fold, was one I really connected with and wanted to explore right away when I got back to my studio.  There was something about it being so simple and yet transformative of a flat piece of copper.  I liked the texture of the line and brighter color against the flame patina'd copper.

Foldformed line folds by Honey from the Bee


 I played a bit in my studio after I got back so that I could become familiar enough with the process to start thinking about how I could incorporate the technique into my jewelry and esthetic.

Raw materials for Copper and Amethyst pendant

Copper I textured heavily with a hammer, Amethyst slice, and the perfect Lampwork bead by Lori Lochner


So while looking through my stones I thought the technique seemed to be a perfect fit for an amethyst slice that displayed amethyst crystals in their natural state.  After hammering a sweet texture into the copper, I created a line fold that would sit on top of the slice for more texture and then wrapped the copper over the side to capture the slice in a sort of bezel.

Here's the finished piece!

Amethyst and foldformed copper pendant by Honey from the Bee

Sidewalk Flowers

Copper, Amethyst

Lampwork by Lori Lochner

Vintage chain


Towards the end I realized that it reminded me of sidewalk weeds or even better sidewalk flowers!  You know when a pansy or Johnny Jump-up manages to find enough soil in between pavers to grow and blossom?  So the piece was named!  

"Bloom where you are planted."  ~Mary Engelbreit


Gorgeous!!! You took what

Gorgeous!!! You took what you learned and made it completely work for you! Love this version of Sidewalk Flowers...just as beautiful but more permanent than those little colorful flowers that peek up through the cracks in the concrete.

Thank you Christine!

Glad you love it. Now I have to see if I have more of those kinds of stones or objects...

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