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Saying goodbye is our final photography challenge for the Focus on Life 2013 prompt series hosted by Sally of The Studio Sublime.  The last few weeks flew by for me so leading up to that photo is some catching up.
Week 49:  A Little Sparkle
Week 50:  A Pop of Red

I use our late Gretel's tall dog dish holder to holdplants for our front porch.  

Remember the mums?

Week 51:  Togetherness

When we're home our two Springers rarely lay down together andusually seem jealous of wherever the other one has found to be comfortable.I caught them in this chair after we were told by neighbors thatthey sit and watch out the front door for our return.

Week 52:  Saying Goodbye
I thought about doing a collage of some photos from the year long challenge, doggie butts walking away, or something terribly sentimental.  Instead I am going to re-post my favorite photo from this photography challenge which happens to be a collage.  It coincidentally was Week 39:  Your Best Shot
Yearling Moose in our yard

I still find it hard to believe how big this guy was and that he still lived with his Mom!

I wonder if he'll remember the roses next summer.I'm not sure what I'm hoping for.

A huge thank you to Sally for hosting this blog event.  It introduced me to some new friends and blogs that I otherwise might not have stumbled upon and kept me in touch with friends I'd already made.  Even when time was tight I enjoyed the focus the prompt gave to my life.  Some weeks that took me all the way in to Saturday, posting day!  Practicing more with my new camera was a treat.
Although I'm not participating officially in 2014 I will post via Instagram (which posts to my Facebook page) when I happen to have a shot to share for that week's prompt.  Best wishes to those that participate in 2014.  It's worth the challenge!
To see all of my 2013 Focusing on Life posts click on the graphic below:
Let's take a look at how others are saying goodbye this week:


Such sweet photos. I hope we

Such sweet photos. I hope we cross paths along the way.Blessings to you in the new year!

All of your catching up

All of your catching up photos were great. I especially like the one of your two Springer Spaniels, as my it reminded me of my sister's dog. And what a great idea to post your favorite picture as a good bye. Happy New Year!

Oh, I do remember this

Oh, I do remember this collage and it's such a great bunch of shots for sure!! Love your sparkle, your red and of course, your cutie-pie pups - they are adorable! May you have a wonderful 2014 with many joys!

Love that crystal ornament!

Love that crystal ornament! We'll miss you in 2014, but I'll stop by from time to time... :)Blessing for the New Year x

Great photos, love the

Great photos, love the ornament and collage.Health and Happiness for the New Year!

I love the moose photo. I

I love the moose photo. I must have missed it the first time around

Amazing photography! With a

Amazing photography! With a New Year, creative successes!

Love to see you posting this

Love to see you posting this final post for 2014 Love the sparkle especially.

Amazing sparkle Janet. I will

Amazing sparkle Janet. I will miss you next year. I wish you the best of luck in 2014

Great post with all the catch

Great post with all the catch up photos!

I don't remember the moose

I don't remember the moose photo either... It's a great shot. Although if it was eating my flowers I'm not sure I would want it back! Hope to see you again in the New Year even if you aren't participating! Best wishes for a wonderful 2014!

I thought of posting my Top 3

I thought of posting my Top 3 to say goodbye, but in looking through the year of photos chose to go in another direction...loved your moose photo, and think it is a great choice...see you in 2014 I hope!

I also missed the Moose shot

I also missed the Moose shot earlier and am so glad you re-posted. Just love your puppy shot as well. Have a Happy New Year, Janet! I have enjoyed corresponding with you.

I just love seeing your dogs

I just love seeing your dogs all cuddled up together - so sweet! And that was an amazing set of pictures with the moose! I won't be joining the 2014 photo hop, but I'll be sure to stop by everyone else's to see what they are posting! We've met a lot of wonderful new bloggy friends on this adventure this year :)

Beautiful catch-up - the

Beautiful catch-up - the moose pictures are truly amazing! Wishing you a fabulous 2014 filled with joy and happiness!

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