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Kim Klassen's warm sun texture-also used dissolve
This week's challenge from Sally of the Studio Sublime:
 A door opened and I went through it.
                                                          ~Temple Grandin
  Let's open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.
Is it a door that holds opportunity?
A door that holds a story?
Is it a door you have been hesitating to open?
Is a gate to a new life?
A door to a new adventure?
Is it a door that holds a memory?
Is it the perfect door for a simple picture?
You have arrived at the door for a reason, open it up and step in!

When I first read this week's challenge I thought:  Yes!  I love doors, gates... then I re-read it and got the message.  lol!   So for a few days I thought about it and then started getting worried that this week I'd be stumped.  However, who doesn't have doors waiting to be opened that we're either too scared or think too busy to even take a peek?  My door holds an opportunity to support my growing photography skills, will tell a multitude of stories... is a door to a new adventure... and one that will save my memories even if my memory starts to fade. It's a tricky photograph to take:  one where the "door" would do a better job than my pocket camera. Have you guessed?

Although I shouldn't share anything beyond that one photo I can't resist showing a few photos that I took this week while experimenting with the modes of my new camera.  These have no other processing done to them.  

Springer Spaniel looking out over valley.
lavender close up

A big hug and thank you to my friend Kim of Picking Poppies for recommending I look at the Nikon D5200.  As many of you know her, you know why I asked her for advice.  I also asked my sister-in-law who takes amazing photographs as well.  Based on their experience I was in the right hands.  I wanted a light camera that took amazing photos that I could grow with.  I checked out the review Kim sent me to as well as did some google review searching on my own where I could compare other Digital SLR cameras under $1000 like Canon's.  In my brief experience this week I think I made the right choice. To see what doors others have unlocked hop on over to the Studio Sublime and check out Week 9.

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