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This week 48 in the U.S. has been about Thanksgiving.  We are filled with gratitude for our family, friends, food, health, work and happiness.  Some have a myriad of other things they are grateful for and express them at this time.
Some of us are participating in a year long photography challenge called Focus on Life being hosted by Sally of the Studio Sublime.  We were challenged with expressing this idea of Giving Thanks in a photograph or collage.  Here's what I personally am very grateful for:

My eyes and hands!

Even though my eyes need correction and my hands are not as smooth and straight as they were a few years ago, I am grateful that I can still use them to create and to give love and care.


Amen to that! I'm grateful

Amen to that! I'm grateful for each of my senses - life would be all the poorer without them!LOVE what you've done with the photos - they look painted :)

LOVE your photos, those are

LOVE your photos, those are beautiful!...and heartily agree with the "hands" sentiment as well. I remember as a child dealing with aging relatives, thinking "Lord, please don't take my eyes and hands". So far so good....I'm glad it is for you too!

Beautiful thought!

Beautiful thought! Interesting photo work!

Amen to that! I think we

Amen to that! I think we forget the very, simple basic things that we need to be grateful for!

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