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This week in our Focus on Life photography challenge we're to take a photo considered to be Industrial Photography.
Moss Landing Power Plant - Industrial Photography
- Fresco edit
It was serendipity that a pelican flew by just as I took this shot.  I didn't know until I downloaded it.  I love when that happens! 
Hmmm, something industrial didn't sound like too much fun.  However, I made it fun.
I returned to Moss Landing where I took all those sea lion and otter photos earlier this year.  I figured at least I'd get to see some of those cute warm creatures at the same time.
I discovered it's not easy to take a photo of a power plant these days, because of security.  All the roads surrounding the plant had signs that said no stopping at any time.   So my planned shot from close to the base and up was not to be.  Good thing I had a zoom!  I admit that I got a little creepy feeling around my shoulders thinking that someone was watching me (photographing me?) while I was driving around trying to find a vantage point to take the photo.
The Moss Landing power plant is powered by natural gas.  The plant was first constructed in 1949, but it has gone through several reconstructions over the years to meet new pollution standards and increased efficiencies.  The latest two came on line in 2002.
I love the blue and grey in this photo.
Our house is perfectly situated to take advantage of the southern sky so we use very little (and some years none!) of the power from this plant or any other plant.  Depending on the winter skies we sometimes break even which is the goal!
I'm kind of intrigued to see what everyone else did with this week's challenge.  I think it was a tough one.


Great photos! Love the

Great photos! Love the pelican happening to come by!

The smoke stacks look

The smoke stacks look great... There is both a coal fired plant and a nuclear plant on the mainland ... but I doubt if you could even get as close as you did from land to get a picture. I think solar panels would get blown away if we tried them on our roof!

Love that the pelican just

Love that the pelican just flew by! Great pics, I thought this was a great challenge.

It was a tough one, wasn't

It was a tough one, wasn't it? Great photos, esp. with the surprise pelican :)

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Serendipity! I love your

Serendipity! I love your penguin and stacks picture...the industrial and the natural.

Wow - you provide a great

Wow - you provide a great inspiration with your solar panels. We have been intending to pursue - and sun is something we have in plenty. Mr. pelican sure helped make your power plant even more interesting!

Interesting challenge. But

Interesting challenge. But you nailed it. I love your photo and the pelican is such a great coincidence :)Fun seeing everyone's photos for this challenge.

Another great shot this week!

Another great shot this week! I agree with the bird flying through at just the right moment!

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