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You have arrived at week 44 of Focus on Life, hosted by Sally of the Studio Sublime.
This week our prompt was to take a moment to capture a spirit, spider, or any other spectacle of the season.
A true Trick or Treat Story
I dislike spiders almost as much as I dislike flying.  Size doesn't really matter.  Those little ones can jump and then disappear, you understand, then reappear just when you'd finally forgotten about it.
Since I'd already decided catching a spirit in my lens was less likely than a spider, I decided to take a walk outside to see if I could find a pretty spider web, but then I saw this object in the middle of our patio that at first glance I thought was some dried leaf matter.
Leaning closer I saw it was a very large spider upside down with its legs curled up.  That's strange, I thought.  Do birds eat spiders and this one got away?  Here's a spider, but not a good photo opp since you kind of want your subject to be living.
Moose, one of our springers, decided to take a closer look and promptly jumped back as the spider moved its legs or something beneath his nose.
I turned him over and then ran for my camera.
The spider wiggled his legs if I touched him, but he never moved from the spot I placed him.  You can see that his legs are not out and proud like they should be.  But of course I wouldn't have been able to get a photo of him if he was lively.


Size wise I thought maybe it was a wolf spider (how appropriate!) but it is actually a tarantula. Not a very big tarantula, but remember:  size doesn't matter.  
I think this is the third time I've seen one on our property.  After some research I discovered that September and October are when the males "migrate."  It's not actually a migration though it's just that you may see many of them during the day while they look for mates.  The females stay in their burrows waiting for the male to find them.  I guess they don't want to appear too needy or perhaps they prefer the dim lighting.
The males often get fatally injured by the female after mating.  And yes, sometimes even eaten!  So this one escaped being cannibalized, but I'm going to suppose that he did get lucky.  I suppose you could say he was Treated then Tricked.
The End.
What other sights of the season will our participants share?  Dare we go see?


oh my! ok I confess .... I

oh my! ok I confess .... I HATE spiders of any size. Up at our camp we get wolf spiders, and yes they are huge. But a tarantula? I would absolutely scream

You are SO this

You are SO this particular instance in life, size doesn't matter. Small or big, spiders are creepy! But you learning about what you are afraid of is commendable. And this biggie (even though you say he is not very big) is definitely worth photographing. Treated and true. Poor guy.

Good post! I like tarantulas,

Good post! I like tarantulas, although we never had one as a pet....Poor guy, I suspect he's not got a long life ahead of him....

Hate spiders don't care how

Hate spiders don't care how big little they are... although we have some tiny ones here that seem to show up by the 1000's I can now smear them... big ones I still walk around or move to another spot with a stick! Very cute story!

Kudos to you for taking this

Kudos to you for taking this photo. I am not afraid of spiders. I know that I am a giant even the large ones and I have no problem swatting them.

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! I was

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! I was bitten when I was a child and it blacked the entire left side of my face. Needless to say....I'm terrified of spiders! I'm so proud of you for being brave enough to touch the little bugger!Angi Mullis

Ewww I hate tarantula's, I

Ewww I hate tarantula's, I don't know how you got that close!

Yikes I'm closing my eyes! I

Yikes I'm closing my eyes! I really really dislike spiders of any kind, big or small......

That's one sad looking

That's one sad looking Tarantula - poor thing. At least he did probably get 'treated' before he was 'tricked'! LOL!! Love your post today! (spiders pretty much creep me out too - large or small!)

ARGH! I hate spiders. Hate.

ARGH! I hate spiders. Hate. Them. We have hopping ones here. HOPPING. Ugh!

AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!! I may

AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!! I may have nightmares tonight! I can't believe I read the whole thing....I do NOT know HOW you touched that thing...where do you live again? I am NOT going there! PS...good scare!!

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