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It's Week 40 (!) in the Focus on Life photography challenge being hosted by The Studio Sublime.  This week's prompt was to focus on the positive and give everyone a smile.
NOTE:  If you are a vegetarian or vegan you may not want to read or look further.
To celebrate a recent friend's birthday we decided to cook 2 prime ribs.  Yes, two, because we'd never cooked one before.  (smile!)  I would guess that you all know someone like our friend.  It's not easy getting him to smile for a photo, but this one was a snap.  I think it was like holding a dog biscuit in front of a dog's nose:  we had his attention.
We are lucky in that we have a local farmer that has USDA prime beef available for sale directly from his farm.  They cut the meat off the bone and then tie them back on to the roast so you get the flavor, but it makes it so easy to slice after it's cooked.
We decided to smoke one and bake one.  Both got different dry rubs.  The one on the right is the smoked one and it was basted with 100% cherry juice every hour.
Success on both counts!
If I remember correctly the vote on which one was their favorite was split.
I want more reasons to smile! Let's go check out what the other participants did.


Who wouldn't smile with such

Who wouldn't smile with such a yummy prospect in front of him?! Now you made me hungry! how were the hams? please do tell!

You found a great smile

You found a great smile Janet.

Looking yummy! I can just

Looking yummy! I can just smell those now - wow. Great shot!

LOL Janet, he has a definite

LOL Janet, he has a definite gleam in his eye! Your dinner sounds delicious!

Wow! Those are some great

Wow! Those are some great looking roasts! Your friend is very lucky!!

Love the smile, but bet he

Love the smile, but bet he would rather have had the fork and knife in his hands.

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