Focusing on Life, Week 39: Your Best Shot

September 28, 2013
No pressure there, Sally!
Moose in our garden
Sally challenged us this week to present our best shot in week 39 of Focus on Life.  I wasn't sure what to make of that, but decided that I would show some shots that I was excited to get a couple weeks ago.

After spending two years checking out every marsh we went by for moose, a yearling male moose decided to check out our yard in the middle of the day.  When he caught the scent of the rose he couldn't resist.

Momma moose wasn't too happy when he disappeared while she was munching apples next door, but they found each other again a few hours later.  She made loud mooing crying like sounds while she wandered around the area.  We were told by a wildlife officer that mom would be dumping him soon in hopes of finding a new mate this autumn.  I think her son was ready for the separation.
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