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What's that?
This week Sally's weekly prompt for us participating in the Focus on Life series is:  A Quiet Moment.
Deck at lake house
I think the stacks of magazines I have to go through is a testament to how busy my summer was.  I look at them now though and the weather outside and am anticipating many quiet moments where I settle down in my favorite spot with a bottle of iced tea, my dogs sleeping nearby, and my home decor and gourmet magazines.
I go through them once just reading and perusing, but then before I pass them on I go through a second time and tear out photos that have especially caught my eye through color, texture, or things I want to try.
These pages are then placed in binders that I use as resources for inspiration in my jewelry, home decorating, gift and recipe ideas.
For example, a couple years ago we were moving into a new home and wanted to have the whole interior repainted since we weren't fond of the pea green and dark red that permeated the entire house.  With my husband's help we selected colors from my binder through a process of each rating them and then me deciding what should go where and next to each other.  I used a Pantone color wheel so I could easily help our painter out.  We were so happy with our choices and how the home feels calm and coordinated.
Bedroom color inspiration
There was one photo of a bedroom that we both loved the feel of, but when the room was painted neither of us thought we'd made the right choice.  The attic room glowed with pink.  Maybe a way to keep guests from staying too long, but maybe not restful enough for them to get a good night's rest!  LOL!  However, I had the ceiling repainted white this year and that helped a lot.  Then I had to hold off my husband since I really felt once furniture and linen were in the room it would work out to how I'd envisioned.

Guest bedroom

My pals are always ready to help.

Guest Bedroom
I've only got 2 twin beds in there right now and the linen colored duvet covers haven't arrived yet, but I think we did good.  The taupe-y pink looks different at different times of day.  I added the green to cool down the palette.  My Aunt gave me the handmade mixed media picture of two birds on a limb over the bed earlier this month that turned out to be perfect for over one of the beds.  Remember that hooked rug?  I love it in this room.
So what do you think?  A nice room to spend a couple nights?
I know everyone uses Pinterest now in a similar way and I do save stuff there, too, but my very favorite way of getting ideas from photos is leafing through beautifully laid out magazines.

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I work the same way as an

I work the same way as an interior designer/artist/ and foodie!!like you colors toned down. Might even suggest a larger painting or grouping to bring the color from eye level, mid level to floor level. That makes our brains at ease when walking into a room instead of going to the largest darkest area..will you be in Santa Cruz for Open Studio ? I'll be Oct.12,13,19,& 20..Amy

Hi Amy - I didn't know how to

Hi Amy - I didn't know how to respond to you directly as you're a "no-reply" commenter, so I'll just respond here and hope you see it! I'm definitely not done with this room. I'll want to put something up on that right wall and then there's some space to put a table and chair and maybe even a comfortable chair for reading and relaxing. The latter I have had my eye on for a year at a local store. I will be around for Open Studio - I'll ck schedule and hopefully get chance to see you.

I like pink so the room looks

I like pink so the room looks great to me.

Janet, I used to do the very

Janet, I used to do the very same thing. Save magazine clips...and I still do from time to time in folders. Just not organized enough or find the time to put them in binders. I like to flip through the physical pages as well. I did plan our mudroom with images on Pinterest and actually had a carpenter design the cubbies by looking at my favorite pins on my computer! :-) He was a genius for being able to put together the cubbies based on a selection of photos!I think your room turned out beautifully. The colors are so relaxing - I know I'd sure enjoy a few days in your B&B! ;-)

One of my favorite ways to

One of my favorite ways to relax is with a good magazine and a cold drink :)Your rug looks great in this room!

I could so see myself having

I could so see myself having quiet moments on that wonderful porch. Love that you did the bedroom in pink, our master bedroom is too!

LOVE the colour...I love the

LOVE the colour...I love the way the light plays off it, and the taupe complements are just right. Gorgeous!

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