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Our prompt from Sally of the Studio Sublime this week was to Catch the Sun!
Sunset on Idaho lake.
That hasn't been difficult to do here for weeks.  Nothing but blue skies and hot sun.
My favorite sun photos to take though are sunrises and sunsets.  Since the sun rises here very early I rarely am awake enough to take advantage of sunrises.
Sunsets are difficult early in the summer for a similar reason.  I don't stay up like I used to.
But now is the perfect time to catch one beautiful sunset after another.
Sunset on Idaho lake.
This is a weekly blog hop where we are all given the same prompt.  It's fun to see how others interpreted the idea.  Want to check more out? 


Beautiful - I am in love with

Beautiful - I am in love with those delicate colours and the wonderfully serene landscape.

Beautiful! How peaceful it

Beautiful! How peaceful it looks....exactly where I need to be on vacation...peaceful! lol...thanks for the great pics!

Amazing the colors created by

Amazing the colors created by the setting sun. Can never grow weary of them. Thanks for the great shots.

Wonderful sky pictures! My

Wonderful sky pictures! My house faces east so I get sunrises around 5 am this season of the year and get cloud refelctions at about 8 pm... THe glow on the hills in the evening is quite lovely! Where do you live?

I love those pink sunset

I love those pink sunset colors!

Amazing colors! I love those

Amazing colors! I love those whispy clouds.

Beautiful shots, I like

Beautiful shots, I like taking sunsets too and we have had some great ones lately .

Lovely colors in those

Lovely colors in those sunsets. And the Beatles seemed to inspire quite a few of us this week- Paul and Ringo should be reading these blogs!

So pretty - a lovely pink in

So pretty - a lovely pink in the sky

Beautiful! It's like cotton

Beautiful! It's like cotton candy floating across the sky!

You got pictures of "THE

You got pictures of "THE PINK"! That's what my grandmother and nieces call the sky during a sunset. They'll yell at each other, "Come see the pink. It's so pretty!"I can say the same of your photos. They're so pretty!



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