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Iris and Poppies
Did you ever notice the way color can effect our mood and perception of the environment around us? 
Colors can elevate our mood or change our perception of an object.  Bright vivid colors can make us feel positive where a darker color can evoke a heaviness. Subtle colors create a softness. Florescent color not only can grab attention, florescent literally scream at you to pay attention and that can cause a feeling of anxiety. 
Color combinations in my garden have inspired some of my favorite jewelry designs.  The feelings you feel when you see certain color combinations translate directly into any artwork you might do.
The combination of lavender, orange and green are exciting to me.  They give me energy which is probably why I think of them as Mardi Gras colors.  (Yes, yellow rather than orange is the real Mardi Gras trio, but this is so much prettier, don't you think?)
Purple, Orange and Green are considered a single split complimentary.  They contrast strongly and yet are harmonious.  They are not as bold as say a complimentary.  They make even a cloudy day feel sunny.

Poppies and Lavender Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee

Poppies in the Lavender Remembrance Necklace(SOLD)


Chunky Amethyst Earrings

Lavender Ice Earrings

Another favorite combo of mine is Pink and Yellow together.  It makes me think of summer sunshine and ice cream.  In other words, they make me happy!  (I'm thinking of two of my favorite flavors:  peppermint and lemon custard that might not taste good together, but they sure look good together!)
Bright Pink Peony
The combination of pink, yellow and teal is considered a triad.  It's very pleasing to the eye - colorful, yet balanced.  It was instinctive to display this bracelet in the teal colored dish.
Pink and Yellow bracelet
Tea Party bracelet(SOLD)
Yellow and Pink bracelets
Liquid Sunshine bracelets(SOLD)
Umba Sapphire Necklace
This is week 17 of a 52 week photography challenge hosted by the Studio Sublime.  Hop on over to her site to see what color has inspired in others!
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oh my! you went to town

oh my! you went to town today!!! I love that first color combo, and you're right the orange is gorgeous in that trio (and who doesn't love California Poppies :)What a collection of beady goodness here! the liquid sunshine! and then the candy necklace!! just yummy colors and smooth color combos!

I like how you took the

I like how you took the beautiful color combinations from your garden and used then in your jewelry making.

wonderful combination of

wonderful combination of flowers and jewellery!! i love the pop of pink and yellow :)have a happy saturday and a great week!no. 14

I agree, great choice to pair

I agree, great choice to pair flower and jewelry color themes. That would be a great way jump start inspiration when there is none :-)Very femme jewelry pieces. So summery too.

Your designs are wonderful.

Your designs are wonderful. Love the remembrance necklace.

Awesome post Janet! I should

Awesome post Janet! I should really try to be more disciplined with my palette selections like this - you can clearly see the reward.

I love that candy necklace,

I love that candy necklace, it's really gorgeous colours combined.

Lots of eye candy - I love

Lots of eye candy - I love that first flower (orchid? iris?): the gradual colouring is so perfect!

Gorgeous photos and fabulous

Gorgeous photos and fabulous jewelry. I'm not so good at taking colors from nature and turning them into jewelry, but it looks like you have it mastered!

I love how the colors in

I love how the colors in nature are so inspiring. I love the purple and orange together and you created so many gorgeous pieces.

I so enjoyed this post! Your

I so enjoyed this post! Your jewelry is beautiful and I love how your garden has inspired you.

Janet your flower pics are

Janet your flower pics are lovely. I like the color combos you picked out.

I enjoyed your color theory

I enjoyed your color theory and it is interesting to me what color combinations look great together. In nature we often see the best colors right beside each other. Love your candy necklace!

I love the comparison of

I love the comparison of flowers and jewelry! thanks.

Great and informative post

Great and informative post Janet. I love your lavender green and orange garden scene and the jewelry it inspired. I too look to my garden and the fields of wildflowers for inspiration.

Such beautiful color

Such beautiful color combinations! I love how you have your gorgeous jewelry colors matching what nature has created - very cool!! And pink and yellow make me happy too - especially those specific shades of pink and yellow!! **LOVE**

I'm so far behind, but I

I'm so far behind, but I couldn't help but comment on your beautiful photos, Janet. Love the colours and the colour wheel amplifications. Nice job!

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