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Spider Web in the forest

This week our host, Sally of the Studio Sublime, says:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.  ~Robert Frost
Grab your camera, open the door and step outside into the fresh air.  Take a walk!  Whether you walk to your favorite chair on the porch, walk a few miles down a rural road or a busy city street  take a moment to be aware of the beauty of the world and let its grandeur energize your soul, inspire your mind and jump start your creativity.  Step back and look at the wide world around you and capture a shot of the landscape in front of you!

A good friend of mine hosts a hiking group every Monday morning.  She and I took a hiking class a few years ago at our local junior college and found some great trails in the Santa Cruz County area.  I just wish she took her group out a little later in the morning than she does.  Even though I get up fairly early I'm not ready to venture out or be much of a social person until maybe 10am.  Weird?  Probably.

However, one of my favorite things to do is to take a hike all by myself.  I like this time for contemplation and the opportunity to stop and marvel at any moment.  It reminds me of my youth when I could walk on our farm and find a private quiet place to just be.  Unfortunately it's not the safest thing to do.  It's not just the possible crazies that might be camping out in the woods, but the mountain lions as well.  I was reminded of the latter on a warning sign as I entered the Forest of Niscene Marks State Park.


Entrance to Niscene Marks State Park

The Advocates for Niscene Marks park tell the story of the Coast Redwoods best so here's their small sign:

Information on the Coat Redwood
Coast Redwoods
Looking Up in the Redwoods

I stopped frequently on my walk as there was so much to see.  From the spider web high in a tree to wild flowers and giant clover.  I couldn't identify the first two wildflowers.  Anyone know what they are?

White Flower wildflower
Pale Blue Wildflower
Giant Clover

On the way back to my car I came around a bend and there were these 2 very large gorgeous German Shepherds off leash on the trail.  If I was further north I would've wondered if they were wolves!  However, they looked mostly curious not threatening at all.  As I stretched my neck to see if the owner was nearby, I saw her coming up the trail with a third.  The two then ran up to me and sniffed me and looked up with beautiful brown eyes.  The owner said one of them was only 9 months old!  He's going to be a BIG dog.  Although these were long haired they of course reminded me of our late Gretel.  I wish I'd thought to get a photo of them as they were by themselves staring at me at the end of the trail, but I did quickly take a couple as they passed me by.  

(Note:  Dogs are supposed to be on leash in the State Park.  Although I was fine with them, I know many who would not be and with dogs this size, rightfully so.)

German Shepherds
Want to go on another walk?  Click on the Focusing on Life button below and go to Week 16 to see who else linked up.
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I enjoy walks or hikes by

I enjoy walks or hikes by myself too. It gives me time to myself to think and let my mind wander.Those dogs are beautiful, but I would have been a little scared seeing them without their owner at first as well!

before the stroke, i used to

before the stroke, i used to walk first thing in the morning, but always alone - i'm not sociable till about 10am either :)gorgeous, gorgeous pics!have a great week!no 18 on the list

The redwoods are just

The redwoods are just gorgeous, something humbling about a tree of that size.

thank you for this post! I

thank you for this post! I can smell the forest and the redwoods! I have been on so many hikes through the bay area, particularly north of SF .. up in Muir woods, or camping at Armstrong Redwoods - one of our favorites. thanks for reminding me :)

Oooh, beautiful Janet! (I

Oooh, beautiful Janet! (I completely agree with you on the 10 AM thing, by the way) I love my beautiful corner of the world, but this year am envying you the weather in your beautiful corner!

Very nice photos of a

Very nice photos of a beautiful setting. hard to capture he grandeur of redwoods with a camera!

Oh how I loved the Redwoods!

Oh how I loved the Redwoods! Just being there made me feel like I was in another world. Very awe inspiring.

The redwoods are so

The redwoods are so magnificent! I'm not sociable in the morning either. I don't think it's weird at all!!

Love your photo walk through

Love your photo walk through the woods! That spiderweb is awesome and the upward look of the trees is awe inspiring!

Those redwoods are amazing,

Those redwoods are amazing, thanks for sharing!

Oh wow - your photos are

Oh wow - your photos are awesome! I especially love the one looking up into the tall redwoods, that's so cool! I like to walk alone and 'think' too - it's peaceful that way and I notice more things than I do walking w/friends!

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