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Let's see what this week's prompt is from Sally of the Studio Sublime:

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.
                                       ~ Augustine

There are many of us who are religious and there are many of us who are not, but most of us religious or not have faith in someone or something.  A faith that gets us through our day, a sickness or even a death.  Faith is held by each of us, it is what keeps us believing  that there will always be a positive outcome even if we can't see it at the time.  

I'm not sure faith always has to be a belief that there will be a positive outcome, but we don't want to go there do we?  Because if we do have that kind of faith in someone or something we should avoid that person or thing if we know what's good for us!  : )
I decided I wanted to look at how faith defined as a belief that is not based on proof occurs in my world and might be portrayed in a photo.  I wish I had my wedding photographs handy, because I thought I could show a photo of my husband and my young hands clasped with new wedding rings flashing in the sun.  I didn't go in with any doubt (nor would I have!), but that would show a leap of faith in my life since one can never know how our partners will handle a lifetime together.  Of course that would not be a recent photo nor one that I'd taken.

I then thought I'd snap a great photo of a sunrise, but we've been having foggy mornings and then cloudy mornings all week.  I certainly still have faith that the sun will rise each morning, but somehow without those beams shining on to the tile floor it's not quite the same for an impactful photo.

Then I went back to my marriage.  I now have lots of past experience to give my faith in our marriage a strong backbone.  It's like the proof is moments behind the faith!  We've weathered life's downs and reveled in life's ups.  He was lucky and had an ideal childhood so I think both of us wondered if he'd have the strength to get through the inevitable trials that happen as an adult.  But he does.  Of course he does.  Our relationship is the strongest I've ever had in my life and one I rely on.  The faith in him that I had as a bride has only grown stronger through the years.  We're secure and happy in our faith in each other.


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It didn't occur to me until I was writing this post on Friday that maybe I was influenced subconsciously by the Supreme Court hearings this week on LGBT marriages.  All I know is that my small world is a better place when I see, hear, and live love.  What could be wrong with more love in the world?  That's all that is important really.


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