Fire and Ice - when ceramic meets metal

January 06, 2018

Artisan pendant

Fire and Ice pendant


This is what can happen when I sit with my stash of MAKU ceramic goodies.  I adore her ceramics, because I adore raku colors and her rustic forms.  The sprinkles of silver just add to the magic and for me make them a natural for a silver setting.


artisan earrings

Fire and Ice earrings


Artisan pendant

Gothic Heart pendant


Here's one that doesn't have the silver, but oh how I love its shape and colors and how it adds so much to this Plume Agate pendant:


artisan pendant

Fireman's Talisman pendant


These are a couple of other pieces I made using her focals that now adorn fierce women:

artisan pendantIstanbul pendant


Artisan heart pendant

Strong Heart pendant


I still have many precious pieces of MAKU to introduce by way of unique jewelry, but I can't wait to go to her booth at Bead and Button this June to see what new magic she's created!


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