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Wire knit Emerald stone pendant

Commissions are great.  I love creating one of a kind pieces and the challenge when the parameters are narrowed.

This past Spring I received a stone from a male client who wanted me to create a pendant or necklace that he could gift to one of his daughters.  Many years ago they'd gone rock hunting in North Carolina and found this interesting stone which held an emerald still in its matrix.  He'd had it in a box in his dresser all those years and had always wanted to do something with it.

I wish I'd taken a photo of just the stone, but you can imagine it from these photos.  I love a challenge and knew I'd be able to do it, but other than feeling I wanted to use silver I had no really good ideas.
Sterling Silver and Emerald pendant Viking inspired
Fortunately he wasn't in a hurry.  I let it simmer and a couple times I reached out to his wife for some background on him and his daughters in case something came out of that.  One of the things she'd shared was that one of the daughters was in to horses.  So I drew some horseshoe ideas, but I just wasn't feeling it nor did I think it honored the shape or feel of the stone.
Viking inspired Silver Pendant
The stone had a Viking look to it to me so I asked if he by any chance came from a Norwegian or maybe Scottish background.  No, but he was Finnish!  That's basically when it all fell into place.  I knew then that I wanted to do wire netting, but I hadn't worked with wire to weave in awhile.  I could've made it up I guess, but my newly organized library came to the rescue!  Mary Hettmansperger's book had a sample so I could look at the direction of the wires. 
Viking inspired Emerald and Silver pendant

So the photos of Tytar, Finnish for daughter, are the result.  I nervously waited for his response before posting.  He's elated and thinks he may even wear it himself for a time!  He thought he'd wanted a more traditional silver setting, but realized with my photos that the stone was much better suited for this type of setting.  I think it fits the stone's character and gives a good view of the matrix.

Okay, someone throw me another challenge!  lol!


A stunning and unique piece!

A stunning and unique piece! I love the history behind it. I can just picture everyone in the family vying for their turn to wear it!

Great story and take on this

Great story and take on this challenge! I like the bit of green from the piece and what you added to the other side. The design is unique but seems to fit the story!

This really turned out great!

This really turned out great! Love the intricate look of the wire netting. You always do such awesome work.Trudy aka Momma Goddess

Beautifully done! Such a

Beautifully done! Such a simple, striking piece.

Wow, a tough challenge

Wow, a tough challenge indeed!! But I think it looks great, and I'm glad it was so well received too!

You definitely rose to the

You definitely rose to the challenge! A beautifully-crafted piece of art that is sure to become an heirloom.

The third photo makes it look

The third photo makes it look like a it :)

what a beautiful piece and

what a beautiful piece and story! some things cannot be rushed and come in their own time.

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