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Forest Brooch by Honey from the Bee

Forest Walk


Forest Walk is a brooch I've created in PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and a Fine Silver bezel.  Both PMC and Fine Silver are practically synonymous except in their original form.  PMC, a brand name for one of the metal clays on the market, is composed of fine silver (99.9% pure silver) and an organic binder that burns off in my kiln, leaving just the fine silver.  Sterling Silver, as you probably know, is an alloy of 92.5% silver and other metals, usually copper. 

Acorn Pendant by Honey from the Bee

Little Acorn that Roars

One can buy Fine Silver sheet and wire to do traditional metalsmithing, fusing, enameling and wirework.. and I do purchase it as well. However, I use the metal clays when their qualities will help me realize my vision for a piece that would either be impossible or labor intensive in more traditional methods.


Art Nouveau Oak Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee

From Little Acorns


Benefits of fine silver are that it will tarnish much much more slowly than Sterling.  In fact you may find you never have to polish it depending on your closeness to an ocean coast.  The salty air will tarnish metals much faster than in the Midwest say.  Fine silver is a softer metal than Sterling, but when properly worked and for its use in most jewelry - it is beautiful and as I mentioned:  pure.Rather than go on and on when there's a "fine" explanation on someone else's blog, I'm referring you to Zoe Nelson's blog entry on Fine Silver FAQs.  You'll know more than you ever wanted to know after reading it!  But at least you'll be educated for future purchases.  And if you haven't seen her work before, you'll get a chance to see some beautifully organic fine silver pieces!


I didn't know about Precious

I didn't know about Precious Metal Clay - that's really cool. Now I better understand how some of the really unique and beautiful pieces are made. Thanks for educating me! :)

now I get it! i have been

now I get it! i have been wanting to play with metal clay but the process is expensive to start up and just do for fun. Maybe I can convince my dad (a traditional jeweler) to join me.

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