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I forget how I first came across Jen's blog, but I'm guessing it was either one of her good eats, fashion or travel posts.  I like that she shares more than just her creative stationery that you can find in her Etsy shop:  Lilly Pea Designs.

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She's as cute as can be so naturally models her new fashion finds.  I'm showing my age, but I got a kick out of her not knowing how to wear leg warmers and that her only reference was the film Flashdance!  lol!  Check out this post to see how she interpreted them.
Jen does Features on fellow artisans and on Sunday posted one of me:  Top 5 Spotlight:  Honey from the Bee!   She selected the jewelry items to show along with the interview.  I always find it fascinating to see what others would highlight of my work.
Thank you Jen!  I hope some of my readers pop on over and say hi.
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Very nice interview, Janet!

Very nice interview, Janet! It was great getting to know a bit more about you! I love the blue bracelet she showed in the first photo.

Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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Great interview! I love the

Great interview! I love the earrings she featured and really appreciated reading about your 4 P (3P) theory. I makes a lot of sense.

Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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Congrats on the feature! Her

Congrats on the feature! Her work is so whimsical. Off to check out her blog and shop.

Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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That's great, Janet! I'll go

That's great, Janet! I'll go look!

Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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Congrats on the

Congrats on the to check it out!That is one cute note card :)

Find a Feature of Me on Lilly Pea Designs | Honey from the Bee

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